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Question "Y" 2008

Youth all around North Carolina are being exposed to tobacco.  Many are surrounded by others who use it; others fall into its addicting trap themselves.  It is Question Why’s goal to prevent youth tobacco use and to educate youth on the reality of tobacco.            Question Why was established in 2000, and has been fighting hard to get schools to go tobacco free, restaurants to adopt smoke-free policies, and to get youth involved in making a difference in their community.  We’ve hosted trainings, events where we talk to youth about tobacco, all across the state, and cover a variety of topics.  We have several trainings available: Tobacco 101, Media Literacy 101, Youth Advocacy 101, Merchant Education/Red Flag, and Tobacco 202.            Recently, we were involved in a project to get the Mellow Mushroom to go smoke-free, via an event called Real Time Community Change.  We planned out a timeline, and spoke with the two owners of the restaurant, and got their cooperation.  Over a few weeks, we did research and presented it to the owners, had customers fill out surveys, and created a petition that got over 100 signatures in less than 2 hours.  After giving the Mellow Mushroom the information on the benefits of smoke-free dining and allowing them to see how their customer base would react to the change, we left the decision to go smoke-free in their hands.  Now, several weeks pass the completion of the project, the Mellow Mushroom is smoke-free.            We take pride in seeing the success of youth groups that we’ve trained, and are always impressed by the devotion and interest that the youth we train show.  We feel that every single person that we educate will go out and make a difference.  Because of that, we feel like we’re making a difference too.